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Thank You Book from Students & Teachers


"As an under-resourced school … it is essential that we provide our students with enriching experiences that they might not be exposed to otherwise. [LiveConnections Bridge Sessions] have been among the most educational and inspirational for our students and staff.”
—Kelly Davenport, head of Freire Charter School

“Who of these students will walk (or skip, or dance) out of a Bridge Session with a new awareness in herself of a skill, a passion previously dormant? Who will wake up to themselves? Whose spark will light?
—Yumi Kendall, cellist with The Philadelphia Orchestra

“You have really inspired me to go after my dreams.
—Kayla, 6th grader at Christopher Columbus Charter School

“The best part was how they got us to participate.  It was really cool to have a chance to play an instrument.  I don’t get a chance to do that anywhere else.”
—Janice, adult participant from CATCH, Inc.

"Simply put, it was spectacular.  I must admit that in the time leading up to the performance, I was nervous that the members of our program would be apprehensive about interacting with the performers.  But those fears were quickly put to rest when Josh and Alex began the show.  They did an amazing job of engaging and entertaining the audience.  They had people singing, dancing and playing along in no time.  This was, since I’ve been working here, the most exciting event we’ve had.  The enthusiasm for the performance was just astounding."
—Brendan Galvin, staff at CATCH, Inc.

"My students were given an amazing concert made fun by a diverse group of musical professionals who looked and talked like them.  This made them feel more included in the experience.  They were able to have a rich musical experience that activated their prior knowledge and encouraged many of them to look up videos online afterwards and do their own research about world percussion music"
—Erina Pearlstein, music teacher at Olney Charter High School

"Just wanted you to know that [my son] LOVED yesterday's concert. He came home bubbling. Really, that's the word. He described the medley of popular songs, the explanation of building a song like building a house, he remembered the names of the three musicians, and he wanted to search for YouTube videos of the performers (he couldn't find anything specifically for 'Fourteen Strings' but found videos of the individual musicians). Very, very cool!"
—Brad, parent of a 5th grader at Greene Street Friends School

"Music has gone out of most of the public schools of Philadelphia. For kids not to have music, they're missing a lot. That's why what LiveConnections is doing matters so much—it's getting kids to experience the power and change that music can bring."
—Doc Gibbs, percussionist

"You opened my mind to new things when you showed me the connections between cultures. Thank you for an experience I will never forget."
—Simone, 6th grader at St. Francis De Sales School


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