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Vibes Verse Violin – January 2015
LiveConnections' "Vibes Verse Violin" Bridge Session connects poetry with music, drawing parallels between ways we communicate with words and ways we can express ourselves through music. It features Jacob Winterstein, spoken word poet; Rebecca Harris, violin; and Angela Zator Nelson, percussion, and was created in partnership with the Philadelphia Orchestra.



Special Session with Homemade Jamz Blues Band – May 2013
In a Bridge Session for elementary school students, the Homemade Jamz Blues Band introduced the history, instruments and styles of blues music. Co-presented by LiveConnections and radio station WXPN as part of WXPN's Mississippi Blues Project.



World of Percussion – February 2013
Adults with cognitive disabilities listened to creative soundscapes that took them on an imaginary trip around the world. Featuring Doc Gibbs, Alex Shaw and François Zayas.



World of Percussion – October 2012
Students from Science Leadership Academy learned about different types of percussion instruments and explored rhythms and sounds from around the world. Featuring Doc Gibbs, Alex Shaw and François Zayas. [Images: Conrad Erb Photography]


The Percussion Studio – July 2012
In partnership with Freire Charter School, LiveConnections presented a one-week summer camp complete with bucket drums, poetry-writing, an in-house recording studio and all kinds of exciting rhythms. In this video, students show off their newly-mastered Brazilian samba with teaching artists Alex Shaw and Josh Robinson. [Video: LiveConnections staff]



Rhythmic Body – May 2012
Students from Freire Charter School practiced polyrhythms, explored relationships between West African dance and hip-hop and tried out the Brazilian martial art capoeira. Featuring Lela Jones, Alex Shaw, Kwasi Burgee and Anssumane Silla. [Images: Conrad Erb Photography]



Dancing Vibrations – March 2012
Participants in the LIFE Program enjoyed a diverse selection of dance-themed music, ranging from a Bach minuet to a Venezuelan folk song to a Michael Jackson medley. Featuring Luigi Mazzocchi, Yumi Kendall and Alex Shaw. [Images: Conrad Erb Photography]


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