"Who of these students will walk (or skip, or dance) out of a Bridge Session with a new awareness in herself of a skill, a passion previously dormant? Whose spark will light?"
—Yumi Kendall, cellist with The Philadelphia Orchestra & LiveConnections teaching artist

"You have really inspired me to go after my dreams."
—Kayla, 6th grade



From Bach to James Brown to Brazilian percussion… clapping to call-and-response to capoeira…

LiveConnections Bridge Sessions are interactive, educational performances that engage participants in exploring diverse musical styles and cultures. The sessions feature first-rate live music performed by experienced teaching artists and give participants a chance to try out musical concepts in hands-on activities.

Sessions take place at our partner venue World Cafe Live, where participants experience the exceptional sound, lights and atmosphere of one of the region’s top music venues. Our experienced teaching artists perform on the floor-level with participants (rather than the stage) to ensure a high degree of interaction, and they are able to adapt session to meet the age or ability of the participants.

The innovative approach helps participants understand different musical styles, learn about the building blocks of music and experience how music connects people across cultures and backgrounds. Beyond just musical knowledge, the sessions easily connect with other classroom subjects, such as history or language arts, and engage participants in thinking about teamwork, creativity, diversity and identity.

In addition, we offer in-depth residencies and workshops,  working closely with partner schools and organizations to tailor music-based programs that support classroom learning. School residencies feature our signature interactive approach to music-making and provide opportunities for schools that participate in Bridge Sessions to engage more deeply with teaching artists on a long-term project. 2017-2018 projects include:

  • "What's Going On," a song-writing residency at Hill-Freedman World Academy, looking at Motown's artistry, entrepreneurship and voice for civil rights;
  • "Immigrant Songs," a song-writing and story-telling after-school program for refugee teens at Northeast High School in partnership with HIAS PA; and
  • an after-school percussion ensemble at Bregy Elementary School.


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Latest News: Education

"A Day In My Life" Album

May 17, 2016—Listen to “A Day in My Life,” the album we created with Henry H. Houston School in Philadelphia, and learn more about the project — from the first assemblies at Houston to making a music video to presenting the album at the PA Capitol Building. Check out the 16 original songs featuring more than 30 Houston students, lead project artists Andrew Lipke and David Bradley, and numerous guest artists.

Kids Count Campaign 2016: A Future with Music

April 15, 2016 — We’re gearing up for our 2016 Kids Count Campaign—our goal is to raise $35,000 in just 10 days, from May 9-18. That means thousands of Philly kids being inspired by live music through our interactive Bridge Sessions.

"One Life Taken, One Life Saved"

January 7, 2016 We’re excited to share a ’sneak peek’ to “A Day in My Life,” the album we are making with Henry Houston Elementary School in Philadelphia. Here’s a demo of “One Life Take, One Life Saved,” featuring the talents of more than 30 Houston students, lead project artists Andrew Lipke and David Bradley and guest artists Alex Shaw and Valerie Chadwick. Inspired by a field trip to the National Constitution Center.

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