Hill-Freedman World Academy & LiveConnections Release Original Album WHAT’S GOING ON

June 4, 2018 — On Thursday, June 7, Hill-Freedman World Academy (HFWA), a public high school in the School District of Philadelphia, will release the original album WHAT’S GOING ON. The album was created in partnership with Philadelphia non-profit LiveConnections. Learn more and listen to the album!

"A Day In My Life" Album

May 17, 2016—Listen to “A Day in My Life,” the album we created with Henry H. Houston School in Philadelphia, and learn more about the project — from the first assemblies at Houston to making a music video to presenting the album at the PA Capitol Building. Check out the 16 original songs featuring more than 30 Houston students, lead project artists Andrew Lipke and David Bradley, and numerous guest artists.

Kids Count Campaign 2016: A Future with Music

April 15, 2016 — We’re gearing up for our 2016 Kids Count Campaign—our goal is to raise $35,000 in just 10 days, from May 9-18. That means thousands of Philly kids being inspired by live music through our interactive Bridge Sessions.

"One Life Taken, One Life Saved"

January 7, 2016 We’re excited to share a ’sneak peek’ to “A Day in My Life,” the album we are making with Henry Houston Elementary School in Philadelphia. Here’s a demo of “One Life Take, One Life Saved,” featuring the talents of more than 30 Houston students, lead project artists Andrew Lipke and David Bradley and guest artists Alex Shaw and Valerie Chadwick. Inspired by a field trip to the National Constitution Center.

Percussion Club 2015

Percussion ClubDecember 21, 2015 — LiveConnections' after-school percussion ensemble at Christopher Columbus Charter School features homemade bucket drums, original rhythm poems and learning to work together as an ensemble.

Help Philly kids make a hit song!

Giving TuesdayDecember 1, 2015 — Want to help Philly kids make a hit song? Support a student-created album this Giving Tuesday.


Kids Count Celebrities!

Kids Count CampaignMay 15, 2015 — We're honored by the many music celebrities who are stepping up in support of our Kids Count Campaign! They, of all people, know the power of music. Catch up on videos by The Bacon Brothers, Brandi Carlile, Jon Bon Jovi and more.

Learn More About Kids Count 2015

Kids Count CampaignMay 14, 2015 — For 8 days from May 11 through May 20, we're sending out daily email blasts full of quotes, stories, photos and videos of our education programs. Don't miss a day! Follow along here to read each day's message.

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