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Rhythmic Body 

Rhythmic Body
Mon, March 26 ·
LiveConnections at World Cafe Live - Philadelphia
3025 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA
Box Office Phone:


Explores the intersection of movement and rhythm through polyrhythms and the Brazilian martial art capoeira and traces historical and cultural connections between West African dance and hip-hop.

Features Lela Aisha Jones, movement artist; Alex Shaw, percussion; and guest percussionists. 

Recommended for grades 4-12 or adults with disabilities.


  • Session 1: 9:30-10:45am
  • Session 2: 11:15am-12:30pm


To inquire about availability, please contact program coordinator at or 267-295-2946.


To inquire about availability, please contact program coordinator at or 267-295-2946.

Check out our curriculum resources, designed to help teachers extend Bridge Session topics into their own classrooms both before and after the session.

Rhythmic Body curriculum

Movement artist, Lela Aisha Jones and percussionist, Alex Shaw demonstrate the relationship between dance and Brazilian rhythm with other guest musicians. [Image: Conrad Erb Photography]

About Bridge Sessions

LiveConnections Bridge Sessions are interactive, educational performances that engage participants in exploring diverse musical styles and cultures. The sessions feature first-rate live music performed by experienced teaching artists and give participants a chance to try out musical concepts in hands-on activities.

Sessions take place at our partner venue World Cafe Live, where participants experience the exceptional sound, lights and atmosphere of one of the region’s top music venues. Our experienced teaching artists perform on the floor-level with participants (rather than the stage) to ensure a high degree of interaction, and they are able to adapt session to meet the age or ability of the participants.

The innovative approach helps participants understand different musical styles, learn about the building blocks of music and experience how music connects people across cultures and backgrounds. Beyond just musical knowledge, the sessions easily connect with other classroom subjects, such as history or language arts, and engage participants in thinking about teamwork, creativity, diversity and identity.

“This coming together of music, movement and learning is really how all schools should be. Thankfully, LiveConnections continues to make that a reality one Bridge Session at a time.” WHYY Friday Arts

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