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Published on Monday, 03 April 2017 00:00


We have a bunch of numbers we use to show the impact of LiveConnections:

  • 34,000 participants since our founding
  • 5,000 students each year
  • 35 schools & organizations annually
  • 47 concerts since 2008
  • 12 commissions of boundary-crossing music

You get the idea.

But so much of what LiveConnections does can't be quantified.

LiveConnections celebrates diversity, through musicians and music from a range of backgrounds and traditions. We honor music born out of struggle, trace musical ancestry and influences, and look for ways to bring together people who might not otherwise connect. Last month, we paired percussionist Arturo Stable with Harlem Quartet and commissioned Arturo to write music drawing on the sounds of his native Cuba. The concert spanned Mozart and Afro-Cuban rhythms, showcasing music that has traveled across time and geographies to be part of the vibrant cultural fabric of the U.S.

LiveConnections' commission of "El Fénix Negro" by Arturo Stable

LiveConnections engages in social activism and awareness-building. In March, movement artist Lela Aisha Jones spent a week at Freire Charter Middle School in an extension of her "Voices & Bodies in Social Action" Bridge Session. She's bringing students into the world of social activism through the arts, helping young people respond to real-world issues with their own creativity.

Lela Aisha Jones
Lela with students at Freire Charter Middle School [Image: Jaci Downs Photography]

LiveConnections fuels innovation. On April 18, we're bringing together legendary bassist John Patitucci with Daedalus Quartet for a concert that blurs the lines between jazz and classical music. We've engaged John to write new music for this one-time concert, and the audience will experience an exhilarating combination of exceptional talent and fresh ideas. [Get tickets]

John Patitucci and Daedalus Quartet
[Images: Gus Cantavero / Lisa-Marie Mazzucco]

LiveConnections believes everyone should have opportunities to be part of great music. Last week, for a Bridge Session in partnership with Art-Reach, we welcomed a full house of adults with cognitive disabilities and we also live-streamed the program so people with limited mobility could join in.


[Image: Staff]

Our impact is relationships, identity, opportunity, inspiration.


Melinda Steffy, Executive Director




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